Due to the recent issues over the past 7 months, and my attempts to fix it. I’ve decided to do a “clean-slate”.

We’ll be removing USWH1 but replacing it with EUWH1.

All data will be transferred Saturday (EST). You are no longer able to buy anything from USWH1.

I’ll be removing all partners that are not featured on <>, instead of PM’ing me and or PM’ing any other staff. We’ll require you to create a ticket at

This is because we do not know who is registered to what company at this point, if you were partnered before just state it in the ticket, but treat it like a normal partnership application.

Anyone with a lifetime order will be changed into every 3 years a payment. You’ll also get $50 in XenoNode Credit to spend on Web Hosting **only**. If you have multiple lifetime products you’ll only get $85 in XenoNode Credit, but all products will get every 3 years a payment instead of never. Sorry about this : ( (it’ll take around 15+ years until you have to pay lol)

What’s so special about the EUWH1 server?

So far on what i’ve discovered
– SSH / Terminal Access
– Everything on USWH1 so far.
– Installatron (Softaculous Alternative but much better)
– Ect.

Regarding the Migration
Nothing will be deleted; You don’t have to do anything UNLESS you aren’t using XenoNode’s NameServers.

If something does go wrong during the migration, you will still have USWH1 data. Please alert us if something has gone wrong during the migration, and do not wait till the last minute as we will not be responsible for any data that was lost after USWH1 is shut down at 8th of Sep 2018.

Some pre-warnings:

– You may not host Discord Bots on EUWH1. (Make a backup just in case)
– We will not be responsible for any data loss after USWH1 is shut down.

If you have any questions; Please ask in #support on Discord.

Best Regards,
Chaottiic (XenoNode CEO)



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